It's all natural

Joygum is an all-natural gum with the perfect blend of real lemon and cool mint flavors. Refreshing, and organic.

it's safe

Joygum is 100% approved for consumption in the state of Colorado for those over the age of twenty one. Joygum is manufactured in a fully licensed and inspected, FDA certified facility. Always produced under the strictest guidelines and operating under GMP’s and SOP’s.

Quality control and the safety of our consumer brings us Joy.

it's perfect

Joygum is the perfect treat for all occasions. Whether an experienced consumer, or trying something new, Joygum is the perfect way to experience edibles. A happy burst of refreshment, that leaves your body and mind relaxed and peaceful. You’ll want to share it with your friends for special occasions or incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle.


Joygum is quickly absorbed through the lining in your mouth. It has a rapid onset of five to ten minutes lasting from one and a half to two hours. Joygum is a convenient and discreet way to use as medicine. Joygum will help make you calm during the storm, take the edge off your troublesand pain, and help you feel the joy.